Cormac Herley

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Slides and/or video of some recent talks:


  • Automated Detection of Automated Traffic [video, slides] (Usenix Security 2022)
  • Panel on ML for security MLHat20 [video]
  • Distinguishing Attacks from Legitimate Auth Traffic at Scale [video, slides](NDSS 2019)
  • Justifying Security Measures [slides] (Keynote Esorics 2017)
  • Elusive Goal of Security as a Scientific Pursuit [slides] (IEEE S&P 2017)
  • Unfalsifiability of Security Claims [video, slides] (Invited Talk Usenix Security 2016)
  • Cybercrime: if things are so bad how come they're so good? [video](Ian Dangerfield Memorial Lecture)
  • Pushing on String: the don’t care regions of password strength [video, slides] (PasswordsCon15)
  • Passwords: a Guide to the Ruins [video, slides] (CMU 2014)
  • Everything you know about password-stealing is wrong [video, slides] (Keynote WOOT 2012)